Australia’s leading robotics systems integrator

Robot Technologies-Systems Australia (RTA) is Australia’s
leading systems integrator of turnkey robotics automation solutions.


For over 30 years, RTA has helped its customers to transform their operations and step forward into growth equipped with the latest industrial, factory and materials handing robotics automation technology.

Our robotics automation systems can enable any enterprise to automate repetitive, time consuming manual tasks and increase productivity, product quality and efficiencies – leading to lower costs, increased profitability, increased customer satisfaction and reduced OH&S risks.

RTA supplies and services robotics equipment for businesses spanning a broad range of industries across Australia and New Zealand. These include manufacturing, food manufacturing, mining, commodity handling, defence and pharmaceutical.

We have extensive experience in the provision of fully integrated robotics automation systems for applications that include: welding, cutting, painting, materials handling and food processing, to name a few.

The robotics systems we supply possess a dazzling array of features that can perform myriad functions and provide high performance in all areas of industry and in any environment, no matter how hostile.

RTA is the Authorised Systems Integrator and Authorised Partner for many of the world’s leading robotics brands Kawasaki, Staubli, SMC, Sick, Kyokutoh, Servo-Robot Vision Systems, Nitta and Pro-face.

RTA’s Quality Management system assures excellence in design, procurement, construction, commissioning and customer support.

To find out how you can improve productivity, quality, reduce cost and gain key operational advantages over your rivals, contact us today.