If you need a manufacturing or automation solution for your painting applications, let RTA share our robotic painting expertise with you.

Painting Robot

This area of robotic technology requires not only precise control of the robotic motion but also the fine and exacting application of paint.

Our team of technicians have extensive experience in the process and can offer support to this complex application.

Our most outstanding painting application project was for Toyota Motor Corporation Australia where we installed and commissed 52 robots across multiple installations for the painting of car bodies and plastic bumper bars. These painting systems, especially the patented cartridge system for base colour coats, are environmentally friendly and extremely efficient.

Our robotic painting technology enabled Toyota Australia to streamline the painting process and improve quality. We continue to support Toyota Australia, with our technicians available 24/7 to overcome any issues.

This robotic painting technology has enabled Toyota Australia to streamline the painting process and, more importantly, significantly improve quality.