Robot Technologies Systems Australia work with the leading suppliers of robotic components and consumables to create robust and reliable robotic workflows.


Here are some of our key, industry leading partners:

Kawasaki Robotics

Kawasaki Robotics Logo

If you’re looking for an Industrial Automation Robot or Welding Robot with versatility, power, speed and reliability, at a competitive price, then l…

Servo Robot Vision Systems

Servo-Robot Smart Laser Vision Systems for Smart Robots

Utilised in a variety of applications, Vision Guided or Vision Assisted robotics can further enhance the flexibility and capability of any given proce…


Pro-face by Schneider Electric Logo

Pro-face is the experts’ choice when you need the ultimate in programmable touch screen interface panels.

Nitta Robotics

Nitta Invention & Innovation Logo

Worldwide innovators, Nitta, has provided RTA with an exemplary range of Swivel Joints and Tool Changers.

Kyokutoh Robotics

Kyokutoh Logo

Kyokutoh Tip Dressers are not only effective … they are fast!


BOC A Member of The Linde Group - Logo

With decades of combined experience and expertise in our respective Industries, BOC and RTA can ensure the best welding fit for your automation system…