The use of Vision in robotic automation integration has greatly expanded over recent years. This fast growing technology has proven to effectively reduce manpower whilst retaining high levels of production.

Servo Robot Vision Systems

Utilised in a variety of applications, Vision Guided or Vision Assisted robotics can further enhance the flexibility and capability of any given process.

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RTA specialises in the advancement of your robotic automation solution with the option of adapting your application to include the use of Vision Guided or Vision Assisted robotics.

RTA and Servo Robot have been working together and achieved some great results in robot vision, using real time online tracking and scanning solving customer production issues with part alignment, product movement, positional adjustment, we are adding eye’s to Robots!

SERVO-ROBOT manufactures laser vision systems for seam tracking, seam finding, weld inspection as well as material handling processes.

Automation of joining processes, such as laser welding and arc welding, gluing, sealing, measurement etc., benefit from SERVO-ROBOT products. Process tools that provide real-time joint tracking, adaptive control and visual inspection system are integrated with SERVO-ROBOT advanced 3-D laser vision techniques and advanced sensing devices.

Likewise, material handling and pick-and-place applications benefit from the unique hybrid sensor technology that can dramatically speed up and simplify applications traditionally done with 2-D sensors. SERVO-ROBOT products are applied in various industrial sectors to ensure process quality and efficiency.

At RTA, we can help you to explore the world of possibilities that Vision Guided or Vision Assisted robotics can offer.