The Stäubli range of factory automation robots are high speed precision robots for industrial applications such as cleanrooms, painting, pick and place, packaging and the food industry

Stäubli Robotics

RTA is proud to be the sole Authorised Systems Integrator for Stäubli Robots in Australia. The Stäubli range is comprehensive and includes 4 Axis SCARA and 6 Axis automation robots for payloads of up to 250kg, supported by controllers and software.

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Scara Robots (4 Axis):

The 4 Axis Scara Robots feature a low payload and are ideal for high speed precision applications.  These robots are perfect for tabletop automation and high-speed assembly operations.

Scara Robots (6 Axis):

The 6 Axis Scara Robots feature a payload between 10 to 250Kg.  This series of robots has an articulated arm with 6 degrees of freedom for high flexibility.  The spherical work envelope allows maximum utilisation of a cell workspace.  These specialised robots are ideal for Assembly, Inspection, Measurement, Cutting, Positioning, Gluing, Material Handling, Machine Tending, Palletizing, Packaging, Polishing and Deburring applications.

Clean Room Applications:

The Cleanroom Robots from Stäubli were conceived from the initial concept to comply with the stringent requirements of the Cleanroom environment.  Added advantages include superior throughput capabilities and industrial design reliability.

Painting Robots:

Stäubli’s RXPaint Robot range is extremely impressive with its refined process control software.  The unique PaintiXen Advanced Control Software fitted to the Stäubli RXPaint Robot allows the user to control any paint parameter, ensuring increased savings in paint and solvents, high accuracy trajectory and high flexibility which enables management of complex/multiple sizes.