BOC Opens Applications Technology Centre that showcases RTA’s world leading robotics technology

2018-09-03T16:00:45+00:00 1st December 2016|

A new-concept welding facility opened by BOC at its Rocklea site in Brisbane is set to be an exciting new hub for product applications and testing, research and development, and training. The facility will primarily be used to demonstrate the latest in welding, cutting and heating technology and a robotics automation system supplied by BOC’s automation partner Robot Technologies-Systems Australia.

Officially opened during a three day onsite event in November, the Applications Technology Centre contains the latest generation digital welding equipment, GMAW and GTAW arc projectors, and a Kawasaki RA 10L robot equipped with a Servo Robot PowerCam laser vision camera and EWM alpha Q 352 welding package.

BOC Technical Manager Peter Kuebler explained the investment will benefit both customers and BOC’s technical specialists across the nation, with the hope that it will contribute to advancements in the metal fabrication industry. “Productivity is really important as cost pressures increase in our global economy. To assist with this, BOC and RTA have developed world leading robotic applications in Australia and are now starting to see more businesses use automation as an essential vehicle to remain competitive. Smaller customers are upgrading to digital welding machines capable of sophisticated arc characteristics and utilising innovative shielding gas mixtures.”