Robotics Applications

Industries worldwide have discovered the advantages of robotic integration, installing a diverse range of robots.

Food Processing Robots

Robotics automation in the food and beverage manufacturing or processing sector provides improved safety, quality and profitability by optimising process monitoring and control.

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Through use of food safe robotics automation technologies RTA can enable food processors and manufacturers to elimate many of the manual tasks in the production line – leading to increased efficiencies, throughput and product quality and a significantly reduce WHS risks.

Customers in the food industry have come to expect the highest performing robotic solutions, with food safe industrial robots built to handle a range of applications from upstream processing, sorting and packing through end of line palletisation.

As Authorised Systems Integrator and Partner for the Staubli Robotics, RTA can provide robotics automation solutions for the following food processing applications:

  • Primary meat processing – cutting, de-boning, portioning, tray loading and boxing
  • Dairy processing – cutting, slicing, moulding, de-moulding, turning, spraying and boxing
  • Cereal processing – dosing, toping, spacing and mixing and boxing

The superior performance, dynamics and durability of Stäubli robots has made them a benchmark in the food industry.

Pioneering improvements and innovative developments meet the current industry-specific requirements of all conceivable food applications.

Today Stäubli has the broadest and most powerful range of robots for the food industry.

From simple primary or secondary packaging tasks to ultra-fast handling processes and tasks involving covered or uncovered food under the strictest hygienic requirements, Stäubli can offer the perfect solution.

Staubli Robotics range of humid environment robots incorporating cleanliness right from the design stage.

  • Products designed for the food processing industry that meet all requirements of Machine Directive 1935.2004 (revised in 2006) and its hygiene component, EN 1672-2.
  • No protective covers
  • Compatible with the most commonly-used cleaning and disinfection solutions (can be washed and foamed in place)
  • Integration into your production line with no need to modify cleaning procedures (HACCP)
  • Approved for saline and maritime environment