Robotics Applications

Industries worldwide have discovered the advantages of robotic integration, installing a diverse range of robots.

Polishing Robotics

Robotic polishing and material removal provides cost-efficient process automation that reduces cycle time while increasing accuracy and surface quality.

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Automated material removal applications include polishing, grinding, trimming, cutting, and deburring to only name a few. While these processes are challenging due to motion and positioning requirements, tool wear error, and force control. Kawasaki has developed ‘off the shelf’ software options that resolve many of the challenges associated with material removal applications.

Kawasaki polishing robotics feedback control systems ensure that the correct amount of force is applied between the workpiece and the material removal equipment. Also offered is motion cooperation between multi-axis positioners and the robot to solve a variety of motion constraints during the material removal process.

The team at RTA can provide custom material removal solutions to meet the requirements of your specific application.

An excellent example of a polishing robot is one used for Metal Polishing and Consolidated Brass in Adelaide, South Australia where Kawasaki robots have been employed to polish tapware to a lustrous finish.

The tapware is loaded by the operator into an automated carousel which is rotated through 90 degrees into the polishing cell. The robot then picks up each item in turn, polishes it and replaces it in its original location. The robot will work its way through the entire carousel and when finished the carousel is rotated presenting another batch of items to be polished.